How Aetas Works

The only system that perfects the patient experience from initial evaluation through discharge.
Here’s how:

Your therapists receive alerts on their smartwatch or mobile device the moment their patient enters the waiting room. Never let patients feel forgotten again.

All the appointment information your staff needs appears on their mobile device the second a patient arrives

A Task List appears with organized need-to-know information, signaling staff with specific alerts. No critical task gets buried in the day’s workload.

Post-surgical protocol reminders automatically alert staff when a patient is ready to progress. Happier patients mean better Patient Advocate Scores.

The ROI dashboard prepares you for the future. Real-time advertising, expenditure, and reimbursement reports (that take hours to generate manually) instantly tell you the best ways to invest in your business.

User-friendly analytics help you identify the root cause of drop-offs, no-shows, and cancellations so you can better train staff, improve your processes, and give patients the attention they need and deserve.

Aetas is the complete outpatient physical therapy clinical automation app. Aetas is not an EMR. With simple, affordable pricing and no monthly contracts, Aetas pays for itself in one month of service.

We are so convinced that Aetas will run your clinic more effectively and efficiently than ever before that we invite you to enjoy Aetas for one full month FREE. This is a no-obligation offer, and you will not be automatically billed the second month. We will contact you at the end of your free trial to see if you would like to continue with enrollment.